This restaurant is just across our Subdivision so I and my husband decided to give it try. I must say that I was really impressed with the overall interior of the place. The decorations on the walls and the lighting style adds up to its overall interior. It is divided into two areas; an open area and a room with air condition. I think the open area outside is intended for those who smoke. Anyway, as I was saying I really admire the coziness of the place it was clean and nakakarelax ang ambiance may pagka vintage feels sya na may pagka modern vibe combined into one

I really like the concept of their lighting decors.

Let’s go to the food review na. Whenever we visit a restaurant for the first time we always wanted to try yung dish na pinagmamalaki at kilala sila so we asked the waitress for the signature dish and she offered us the baby back ribs barbecue.

Happy Chef’s Mango Grille Baby Back Ribs Signature Dish for Php250 per serving

We also ordered their Signature Salad and Nachos for the appetizer (ganun talaga kami kadame mag appetizer! hahaha). I was not able to take a picture of the salad na kasi we were really hungry that time. It took us like 10 minutes before the salad arrived, kaya pagka served kinain na namin agad. Nothing special with the salad and ang onti ng servings it seems that its not intended for 2 people. For the nachos, the portion of the serving is way less than what is printed out on the picture of their menu and again similar sa salad nothing too special and I can actually make a better version of it at home din.

Happy Chef’s Mango Grille’s Nachos for Php175
Smile ng mga gutom na

Overall experience


  • It can be improved since its a newly opened restaurant.
  • I think it is a general rule to ask how do they like their steaks to be cooked if someone ordered a steak. While ordering we forgot to mention kasi how we wanted our steaks to be done kaya not so long after we placed an order we called the attention of the waitress and informed her that we wanted our steak to be medium rare sana. But in the end what was served to us is a well-done steak.
  • They need to set the waiting time expectation to the customer. We waited for 10 minutes for the salad, more than 20 minutes for the baby back ribs and nachos before it was served.
  • Also, I suggest that they should have the initiative to served water while the customers are waiting for their order even without requesting for it.
  • They should have readily available bills and coins for customer changes. It took us almost 15 minutes ata to get our change.


  • Maybe they can do some further assessment so they can improve the portion of the servings of their food so that the customers will get their money’s worth. I’m not sure lang if konti din ang servings ng ibang dishes nila.
  • More improvement sa tenderness ng steak medyo mahirap slice yung na serve samin. Another thing is medyo matabang ang mashed potato nila.
  • I think they need to focus more on food quality and portion servings in the days to come. As for me, these are the 2 major reasons to determine the factor for the success of a restaurant.


  • About the price reasonableness. I think it will depend on your budget whenever you eat in a restaurant. For me its almost close to being pricey because of the portion and quality of servings.
  • Menu grabbed from their Facebook Page at facebook.com/Mango-Grille-by-Happy-Love-Chef-

    Mango Grille by by Happy Love Chef

1870, 232 Sumulong Hwy, Antipolo, Rizal
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Mango-Grille-by-Happy-Love-Chef`
Instagram: http://www.Instagram.com/Mango-Grille

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. Every thing I shared is purely based on my opinion from my personal experience of the place.


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