Singapore is known as the  “Lion City of Asia”. It may be one of the smallest countries in the world, yet Singapore is considered by many as one of the countries in Asia with some of the best attractions in the world. You’ll immediately fall in love the moment you step off the plane. The world’s top ranked airport welcomes you with its very admirable world class facilities.

Singapore has an undeniable modern technology, clean streets, unpolluted air, green spaces, efficient transportation systems and above-the-breadline living standards for a unified and culturally diverse population.

The country’s tropical rainforest friendly climate enriches dense greeneries all around the country.The undeniable presence of its green environment is immediately noticeable along, between, and in some cases even over the main road networks. The city is even more admirable when taking the center’s impressive architectural achievements into consideration.

The oldest museum in Singapore – National Museum of Singapore.
National Museum of Singapore at night

Now, if you are a certified foodie and you are willing to explore the different streets of Singapore. Walk to the hawker centers near the Lavender Square and find the food courts like Newton Food Court, La Pau Sat etc.

I’m so emotionally hungry that time and the stop light is prolonging my agony so deeply.
Hubby still wanted to take a picture of me before we cross the street. I don’t care about the pictures anymore. I’m too excited to dive in the foods at Lau Pa Sat .

We ate at Lau Pa Sat, situated in the heart of the financial district od Singapore. Standing between Cross Street, Boon Tat Street and Robinson Road, the hundred-plus-year-old market building built in the 19th-century rocks on day and night, dishing out premium hawker foods to visitors.

Seriously enjoying my sea food laksa.

According to surveys, Singapore is the most business friendly nation in the world.

Singapore can be characterized by the virtues of luxury. Oh, yes! For me, Singapore is very luxurious.

Outside the Esplanade Mall
The amazing Rain Oculus located in the Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands uses rainwater for their water feature instead of pumping in fresh drinking water every time.

Please stay tuned for more of my Singapore adventure series on the next travel blogs!


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