One of Singapore’s popular must-see tourist destinations. Gardens by the Bay was opened in October 2011. It has a breathtaking architectural design spanning over 101 hectares of reclaimed land. The park consists of 3 main gardens, Bay South Garden, Bay East Garden and Bay Central Garden.  It also has 2 Conservatories, a flower dome, and a Cloud Forest.

Flower Dome

This large dome is filled with different types of flowers from all around the world like South Africa, Central Chile, California, South West Australia and Mediterranean basin. It maintains a temperature between 23 °C and 25 °C but slightly lower at night. It holds the title as the largest glass greenhouse in the world as listed in the 2015 Guinness World Records.

Cloud Forest

The moment you enter the vicinity you will hear the sounds of a waterfall and but as you edge closer you will see a massive mountain with water pouring down in front of you. The lush vegetation of the tropical highlands & a tall waterfall in a soaring, contemporary greenhouse. It is just as stunning inside as it is from the outside.

Supertree Grove

Towering over the ground at 25-50 meters tall is the unique vertical gardens resembling towering trees, with large canopies & colorful lights at night. The Supertrees are truly majestic.  The exhilarating display of lights and sounds music show at night called the OCBC Garden Rhapsody is so magical and surreal!


All photos credits to my Instagram husband Jonathan. =)


Gardens by the Bay
18 Marina Gardens Dr, Singapore 018953


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