This post is all about my current pregnancy skin care routine and essentials,  keep in mind that every pregnancy is different the products that I used here may have worked for me but I don't guarantee that it may work for others as well.  My skincare routine when I was not pregnant is very simple … Continue reading MY PREGNANCY SKIN CARE ROUTINE



Girl! I know how much you love make-up! And you always have that special spot on your luggage that is reserved only for your make ups. What if I told you there is no need to include 5kgs of your make up sash on your luggage will you take the risk? (oo! risk to para … Continue reading MY TRAVEL MAKE-UP ESSENTIALS

Easy Ways to be Healthy and Fit

"Health is wealth"- absolutely! It is nice to know that  a good number of people are already making the choice to live well and being physically active. Exercise has many health benefits - including weight loss and maintenance, muscle growth, stress-reduction, and disease-prevention. There are a lot of simple ways how to be healthy and fit - … Continue reading Easy Ways to be Healthy and Fit