Charito by Bags of Beans

  Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. Everything I shared is purely based on my opinion from my personal experience of the place. This well-known restaurant in Tagaytay is the fifth branch in the Bag of Beans line is named after the owner Charito. This French style semi-fine dining restaurant has rustic, chic and flawlessly … Continue reading Charito by Bags of Beans



An awesome simple recipe for chicken leg quarters that you can prepare for a week long packed meal. What makes it easy to prepare is that the procedures is very basic and easy to follow, just chicken leg quarters and a bunch of spices from your spice rack. A simple yet flavorful chicken, sophisticated enough for a delicious … Continue reading PINOY MEAL PLANNING SERIES: ROASTED SPICE CHICKEN QUARTERS


Everyone loves chocolate cookies! Who doesn't? I prefer the soft and chewy variant. These goodies goes well with milk or coffee. Good for on the go snack or whenever you feel the need to satisfy your cravings for something sweet! Ingredients: 1 cup butter, softened 1/2 cup white sugar 1 cup brown sugar 2 large eggs 2 … Continue reading CHOCOLATE CHIP OAT COOKIES


This restaurant is just across our Subdivision so I and my husband decided to give it try. I must say that I was really impressed with the overall interior of the place. The decorations on the walls and the lighting style adds up to its overall interior. It is divided into two areas; an open area … Continue reading HAPPY CHEF’S MANGO GRILLE


My beef brocolli recipe is very simple and easy to follow using ingredients that you can easily find in your local market. Ingredients: 3/4 pound flank or sirloin, sliced thinly across the grain 3/4 pound broccoli florets 3 tablespoons oyster sauce 1 tablespoon soy sauce 4 cloves garlic very finely minced 1 medium size onion chopped 1 … Continue reading PINOY BEEF BROCCOLI RECIPE


Ingredients: 4 large size medium ripe firm tomatoes ¼ Kilo of ground lean beef or pork (your choice) 1 medium size chopped white onion 1 table-spoon dried basil 1 tea-spoon dried thyme 1 tea-spoon cayenne pepper (optional) 2 table-spoon butter, melted 2 table-spoons olive oil 2 tea-spoon of chopped scallions ¼ cup grated cheese ¼ … Continue reading CHEESY STUFFED BAKED TOMATOES RECIPE

Ultimate Rice Cooker Moist Chocolate Carrot Cake Recipe

I know maybe you are surprised but Yes, if you didn’t know, rice cookers are used for more than just rice. Before, I haven’t really tried baking cakes in rice cookers. So to see if indeed the cake function on the rice cooker is really good I baked Jonathan's favorite carrot cake during his birthday. I'm going to … Continue reading Ultimate Rice Cooker Moist Chocolate Carrot Cake Recipe

Nachos Overload Pinoy Style Recipe

Ingredients: Red and green bell pepper cut into bite size cubes 1 large onions finely diced 1/4 of a cup tomatoes 1/4 of a cup black olives cilantro leaves finely sliced 1 pound lean ground beef grated cheese cheese whiz or any creamy cheese of your choice salt and pepper to taste 1 pack of … Continue reading Nachos Overload Pinoy Style Recipe

A slice of Sweet and Childhood Memories at The Baker’s Table

  There were times when I want to go back to my childhood days wherein my usual routine is to play, sleep and eat - repeat. Being born during the 2nd quarter of 1987, I got to experience the full 90's childhood. I consider the 90's era as the golden age of street and video games, … Continue reading A slice of Sweet and Childhood Memories at The Baker’s Table

No Bake Blueberry Cheesecake

Ingredients: 2 packs of 250 mg of all purpose cream 1/2 can of 200 ml condensed milk unflavored gelatin 1 pack  (8 oz) of cream cheese softened 1-2 tsp Unflavored colorless gelatin dissolved in water 1 cup crushed graham cracker crumbs 1/4 cup (1 stick) of melted butter 1/4 cup brown sugar 1 can of blueberry … Continue reading No Bake Blueberry Cheesecake