This healthy salad in a jar is so refreshing and satisfying that you can actually make this ahead of time. Your body will definitely be thanking you for having this for breakfast or lunch. The mason jars keep the salad fresh longer than plastic containers as long as it is tightly closed inside the refrigerator … Continue reading PINOY MEAL PLANNING SERIES: SALAD IN A JAR


Ingredients: 4 large size medium ripe firm tomatoes ¼ Kilo of ground lean beef or pork (your choice) 1 medium size chopped white onion 1 table-spoon dried basil 1 tea-spoon dried thyme 1 tea-spoon cayenne pepper (optional) 2 table-spoon butter, melted 2 table-spoons olive oil 2 tea-spoon of chopped scallions ¼ cup grated cheese ¼ … Continue reading CHEESY STUFFED BAKED TOMATOES RECIPE

The Healthy Meal Recipe – Benefits of Eating Healthy.

"A healthy outside starts from the inside". I definitely agree that clean eating is indeed essential to our health. It is a good thing there are now a lot of people being health advocates. I know it is hard to switch on eating healthy stuff. It's hard to say good bye to those chips, french … Continue reading The Healthy Meal Recipe – Benefits of Eating Healthy.

Healthy Garden Salad Overload

I think many of us are aware that health is wealth and now it's nice to know that there is an increasing population of people who are becoming health conscious. As you can notice there is now a growing number of businesses who offer healthy stuffs. I notice that there is also a scarcity of lemons in the … Continue reading Healthy Garden Salad Overload