Hi there! My name is Jennifer – a full-time daydreamer and a frustrated multipotentialite since birth trying to find my real calling in life. Jack of all trades, master of none. I’m obsessed with anything related to food, beauty, travels, arts, and fashion.  I consider myself as a struggling wanderer passionately in love with life! I constantly seek for new adventures, discovering good places to eat, creating new recipes, loves to watch movies online and a self-confessed frugal beauty junkie. I’ve always been a very curious person, always dares to ask questions about anything I’m curious about. I know I was born to live and explore every possibilities life can offer.

I love anything vintage; I consider my self an ancient soul in a modern body with a futuristic state of mind. I’m a huge fan of discounted items (who does not?!) I strongly believe that frugality is the best policy. I love sharing with everyone how to simply live within your means and be happy. This blog documents the different things I love to do, also my opinions and points of view on some random things in life in Tag-lish (combination of Tagalog and English). Follow me and I’ll share you my great adventures, tips, recipes, and ideas and really hope you’ll enjoy reading them.


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